Here are a variety games about the government for kids.

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Government Games

  • Ben's Interactive Games - Try out these wordfinds, mazes and map games to help you learn more about our government. To play any of these games, you need the Macromedia Flash Player.
  • Census for Kids - Games, a word find and state facts to learn how the Census Bureau counts families and how important it is to be counted. (Flash required)
  • CryptoKids - Peer into the secret world of cryptology: making and breaking codes. Play lots of games and activities at this site too!
  • FBI's Kids Page - Learn about the FBI and play games.
  • Passport Activity Book - Learn more about passports by trying out these creative passport activities. (PDF)
  • Symbols of the Government Activity Book - A fun book packed with activities about the U.S. Flag, the eagle, the Liberty Bell, and more (PDF).
  • Treasury Direct Kids Games - Play fun games and find out how our country pays its bills.

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