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  • Celebrating Wildflowers - Just for Kids - Learn more about wildflowers on our National Forests and Grasslands with games, coloring pages, and fun activities!
  • Children's Garden - Meet Lee. She's talks about the history of the U.S. Botanic Garden and why you should connect with nature.
  • Farm Service Agency for Kids - This site has fun games to teach you more about farming, crops and ranches.
  • Gardener - Meet Beth, a gardener at the U.S. Botanic Garden. She talks about different types of plants and the Children's Garden.
  • Junior Master Gardener Kids Zone - Learn about composting, plant growth, insects and more.
  • Learn to Grow Your Own Food - Work with your mom or dad and you can grow your own fruits and vegetables at home.
  • WebRangers - Learn what it's like to be a park ranger. You can customize you Ranger Station, earn more rewards, and play activities!
  • Why Leaves Changes Color - This site explains the basics of how autumn colors happen.

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