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Inventors and Scientists

  • Ask A Scientist - Do you have a burning science question you want to ask, this site is where you can submit your questions.
  • Astronauts - Meet the astronauts from different NASA space missions.
  • Brain Imaging - Meet Dr. Peter and Dr. Joelle, scientists at the National Institutes of Health. They talk about what brain imaging is and how an MRI scanner works.
  • Edison Invents - His genius gave us electric lights in our home. He was the first to record sound. Edison alsc developed the first movie camera.
  • Frontiers for Young Minds - Take a look at these science articles for kids and meet the scientists.
  • George Washington Carver - Find out about his research on peanuts and his commitment to helping poor Southern African American farmers.
  • Gravity - What is Gravity? - Gravity has played a big part in making the universe the way it is. Learn about Albert Einstein's ideas and see animations.
  • Innovative Lives - Meet 30 inventors and learn what they discovered.
  • Invention at Play - Explore the playful side of invention and learn about today's inventors along with historic ones.
  • Inventor's Stories - Explore stories from these inventors from the Lemelson Center.
  • Marine Biologist - Meet Chris Meyer, a scientist from the National Museum of Natural History. He talks about the ocean and his favorite animal the cowrie snail.
  • Scientists and Engineers - Meet the next generation of engineers and scientists in these profiles of young professionals. 
  • Space Place Live - Meet different NASA scientists and engineers.
  • Wright Brothers - Learn how these ordinary bicycle mechanics emerged to change the world and invent the first flying machine.
  • Zebrafish Helping Science - Meet Dr. Harry Burgess, an Investigator for the National Institutes of Health. He talks about the zebrafish experiments and how they're behaviors are similar to humans.

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