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  • Birds and Radar - Learn about how NASA can use radar to study bird migration and then build your own birdseed wreath to attract birds.
  • Conservation Connect - Video series highlighting the great outdoors, wildlife species, and conservation careers.
  • Endangered Species Picture Book - Download an entire coloring book free at this Environmental Protection Agency site, or just print out pictures of your favorite threatened animals.
  • Interactive Frog Dissection - The purpose of this lab activity is to help you learn the anatomy of a frog and give you a better understanding of the anatomy of vertebrate animals in general, including humans.
  • Let's Go Outside - Outdoor Activities and Curricula - The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has a variety of activity guides available at the national level, as well as some activity guides that are specific to certain locations.


  • Acid Rain - Educational Resources - Find learning activities and science experiments related to acid rain.
  • Beaches - Environmental Protection Agency - Beaches are a place to play, watch wildlife, fish, and swim. We have to protect them from a variety of potential problems. We can help you plan a trip to the beach, learn about beaches and the issues around them, and understand how we protect beaches.
  • Climate Kids Educator Resources - NASA - Geared toward students in grades 4 through 6, the multimedia-rich Climate Kids site uses age-appropriate language, games and humorous illustrations and animations to help break down the important issue of climate change.
  • Coloring Book - National Geographic Kids - Pick a picture of an animal, print it out and color it in. Print 'N' Go from National Geographic Kids.
  • Environmental Studies - Smithsonian Institution - This site has a variety of resources on such topics as climate change, marine ecosystems, conservation. land habitats and more.
  • Forces of Change - For Educators - These lesson plans assist you and your students in increasing your knowledge and understanding about scientific inquiry and the forces interacting on our planet.
  • Gateway to 21st Century Skills - The Gateway contains a variety of educational resource types from activities and lesson plans to online projects to assessment items to make your lesson planning easier.
  • Global Climate Change - Tips for Educators - This self-directed website is designed primarily for middle school students in both formal and informal educational contexts, including classrooms, camps, and after-school programs.
  • JPLEducation - Classroom Activities - This site contains classroom activities that can be completed in 30 minutes or less.
  • Lemelson Center Activities and Experiments - Try these fun experiments at home, including building a lego lightbulb and  making a wind turbine.
  • Make a Reusable Bag - This cool idea allows you to recycle old t-shirts into a useful bag.
  • NOAA Research - For Teachers - These teaching materials will prepare you to help your students investigate the topics in the on-line science lessons.
  • Planet Protectors Club - Planet Protectors create less waste in the first place! This site has games, activities and reading materials to help save our planet from too much waste.
  • Promise of Place - Place-based education (PBE) immerses students in local heritage, cultures and natural resources using these as a foundation for the study of language arts, mathematics, social studies and other subjects.
  • Sci Jinks - Help for Teachers - Get ideas for weather science projects, learn more about the scientific method and classroom activities.
  • Waste Materials - Curriculum and Activities - The resources on this page include project ideas, tools, games, and activities for students of all ages.
  • Water Science Activity Center - This is the interactive section of our site where you can answer challenge questions, participate in opinion surveys about water issues, and take true/false quizzes.
  • Water Sense - Educational Materials - A Day in the Life of a Drop is a set of activities designed to help students in grades 3-5 understand the connections between the source of the water they use and the ways their water use habits affect the environment and human health.
  • Weather Classroom Activities - Make a weather satellite, write about weather metrics, size up clouds and more. 
  • WebRangers - Thinking about being a Park Ranger when you grow up? Visit this website to learn more about the Junior Ranger Program.



  • Amazing Space - Teaching Tools - This site contains astronomy and math activities.
  • Astrobiology: Education Activities - Activities in this area focus on how explorers identify the characteristics needed for life to exist and use that definition to guide the search for life beyond Earth.
  • Early Solar System: Education Activities - Activities in this area are focused on comets, asteroids, meteorites and their role in the evolution of our solar system.
  • Educator's Corner - FAA - Includes activities for the classroom, fun experiments and much more.
  • How We Explore: Education Activities - Activities in this area showcase how scientists and engineers work together to build spacecraft tough enough to explore our solar system and answer key science questions.
  • Jefferson Lab - Teacher Resources - The site features hands-on activities, worksheets, puzzles and games focuses on increasing the number of teachers with a substantial background in math and science.
  • Journey To The Stars - DVD and Lesson Plan - Kids love to make things explode in science class. How about an entire star? Thanks to NASA, supernovas will soon be going off in classrooms around the country - no safety glasses required.
  • Loopy Legends - Write your own zany space adventures using this fill-in-the-blank online activity.
  • Planetary Processes and Weather: Education Activities - Activities in this section reveal how geology, weather and other forces have shaped the worlds of our solar system.
  • Playtime for Kids - This site provides links to all kinds of sites with information on weather, science, and space.
  • Science of Cooking - Discover how a pinch of curiosity can improve your cooking! Explore recipes, activities, and webcasts that will enhance your understanding of the science behind food and cooking.
  • Selene: A Lunar Construction Game - Have a blast learning about the moon and planetary geology (ages 9 and older; parent/guardian permission required). 
    Selene: A Lunar Construction Game - Have a blast learning about the moon and planetary geology (ages 9 and older; parent/guardian permission required).
  • Solar System Exploration - Discover planets, missions and news.
  • Space Place - Teacher's Corner - Read blogs from scientists and engineers, get printable images of Earth and space, get math and space classroom activites (Adobe Reader required).
  • Teachers' Desk - USDA - You'll find a variety of teacher-ready activities to accompany the stories and other features in the Sci4Kids web site. From a coloring page for the younger set, to a monster of a word find for the older kids, the content encompasses a range of student levels.
  • Train Like an Astronaut - Involve your students in structured, hands-on science activities that relate physical Earth-based needs to the requirements of exploring space. Also assist students in the science behind nutrition and physical fitness.
  • What We Explore: Education Activities - Activities in this section focus on solar science, the rocky worlds of the inner solar system and the gas giants and icy moons of the outer solar system.

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