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  • Air Pollution: What's the Solution? - Project where students will focus on outdoor air pollution; what it is, what factors contribute to its formation and the health effects from breathing polluted air.
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) Toolkit for Teachers - Resources to teach students about the connections between air quality, health, weather, and other related science topics, as well as actions students can take to protect their health and reduce air pollution.
  • Air Quality Resources for Teachers - Lists curriculum resources, activities, materials and websites all about air quality.
  • Conservation Central Online Curriculum - Through classroom activities, on-line simulations, and field investigations students learn about the important role temperate forests play in local and global ecosystems. Action steps culminate in a Class Conservation Action Plan.
  • EekoWorld - Lesson Plans - EekoWorld features fifteen lesson plans. There are three lessons for each grade level from kindergarten through grade four.
  • Energy Education - Teach and Learn - Here you'll find many creative lesson plans, labs, projects and other activities for grades K-12 on energy-related topics.
  • Energy Lesson Plans and Activities - (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy) - On this site you'll find links to more than 350 lesson plans and activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy for grades K-12.
  • Energy Star Kids - Be an Energy Star! Find out how you and your classmates can make big changes and help save the world.
  • Estuaries.Gov - Educators Page - Access the modules and activities listed by state or by topic. Also includes virtual field trips, games and quizzes.
  • Fossil Fuels for Younger Students - lesson plans and study guides on oil, coal, and natural gas.
  • Harnessed Atom -  A middle school science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum extension that focuses on nuclear science and energy. It includes lesson plans and activities.
  • Humane Society - Lesson Plans - Find teacher lesson plans, learn tips for instilling a humane ethic in children, and see what our youngest citizens are doing to help their furry, feathered, and finned friends!
  • Imagine the Universe Lesson Plans - This site offers math/science based lesson plans.
  • Kentucky Bug Connection - Entomology resources for parents and educators of Middle-High School students.
  • National Park Service: For Teachers - The National Park Service offers distance learning, field trips and curriculum materials in addition to accredited professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • Nanoscience - Nanoscale Informal Science Education - Find activities and lesson plans with nanoscale science, engineering and technology.
  • Natural Inquirer - Lesson Plans - This journal was created so that Forest Service scientists can share their scientific research regarding nature, trees, wildlife, insects, outdoor activies and water with middle school students.
  • NOAA Lesson Plan Library - These lessons are correlated to National Science Education Standards and the Ocean Literacy Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts. The Lessons are designed to supplement existing curricula at the middle and high school levels.
  • Nuclear Energy - Teacher's Resources - Instructional units on radiation, the uses of radiation, nuclear reactors/energy generation, radioactive waste, and transportation of radioactive materials.
  • Ocean Portal - Educators' Corner - Ocean Portal Educators& Corner provides you with teacher-tested ocean science materials, activities, lessons and educational resources to bring the ocean to life for your students in 52 languages..
  • PBS Point of View - Environment - Use these companion lesson plans to present the stories and concepts from P.O.V.'s Borders: Environment to your middle school or high school class.
  • Radiation Lesson Plans - Covers radiation basics, sources of radiation, radiation protection, radon and more.
  • Robotics Alliance Project - NASA - The Robotics Alliance Project provides a clearinghouse of robotics-related educational materials, including links to find lessons, materials, and robotics education discussion forums.
  • Schoolyard Geology: How to Use the Site - Introduces teachers to the geologic features on their own schoolyard.
  • Science - FREE - Find animations, lessons, and other resources for studying topics in earth sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, space sciences, and applied sciences.
  • Science and Technology Lesson Plans - This page contains a list of links to science and technology lesson plans for various grade levels.
  • Smithsonian - For Educators - Includes lesson plans, a research library, and educational services; also search to find resources aligned to state standards.
  • Smokey Bear - Teacher's Resources - Teacher's guide, activity book, and poster on how to prevent forest fires.
  • StarChild - Teachers' Center - The information and activities found in StarChild can be used to engage, excite, and educate students in your classrooms. In this section, you will find lesson plans which show you some of the ways you can use StarChild in your teaching - whether via the Web, on CD, or with pencil and paper!
  • Teach K-12 Engineering - Find a variety of tools to boost your students& math and science skills and enliven the classroom with engineering projects.
  • Tennessee - TVAKids For Teachers - Get curriculum materials available for all grade levels to help students understand energy, electricity production, and the development of renewable energy sources.
  • Tox Town Curriculum Units - Introduces middle school students to environmental health issues in their everyday lives.

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