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General Health



  • Cancer - A guide for teens when finding out a parent has cancer.
  • Diabetes - Learn more about diabetes and what you can do to recognize and prevent it.
  • Disease Database - Access the Disease Database - you'll learn more about their powers, weaknessess and the proper defenses available to keep your health in tip-top shape.
  • Eat Smart - Take a body tour and look up different illnesses, from A to Z.

General Information


  • Ebola - What Is Ebola? - Learn about this dangerous virus and why you should wash your hands.
  • Flu Center - The Flu Center has information on what the flu is, how to protect yourself against it, and how to prevent spreading it.
  • Germs - The Buzz on Scuzz - Learn about germs and how to stay ahead of those nasty germs.
  • Getting Your Shots - Going to the doctor to get a shot doesn't have to be scary. Here's what you need to know about shots so you can be brave at the doctor.
  • Lurking in the Locker Room - Do you know where nasty things like bacteria and fungi may be hiding? C'mon in to the locker room to see what's lurking behind closed doors.
  • Vaccines - - A vaccine essentially helps your immune system crack the code of a certain illness.

Your Body

  • Body - - Do you have questions about your changing body? About taking care of your skin? This section covers everything you need to know.
  • Brain Imaging - Meet Dr. Peter and Dr. Joelle, scientists at the National Institutes of Health. They talk about what brain imaging is and how an MRI scanner works.
  • Face Information - Learn about different parts of your face - from your eyes to your oral cavity.
  • Feelin' Frazzled? - Kids can get just as stressed as adults do; knowing how to deal can be half the battle!
  • Genetics and DNA - Learn all about DNA and genes. (Flash required)
  • - Body - Covers information on body image, puberty, the reproductive system, physical changes, pregnancy facts and health tips.
  • Got Butterflies? Find Out Why! - BAM! - Learn what short-term and long-term stress does to your body and how to cope with it through this interactive feature!
  • It's A Noisy Planet - Learn different ways you can protect your hearing.
  • for Teens - Food and fitness, your mind, diseases and conditions and much more.
  • Stress-O-Meter - Do you feel just enough stress to keep you on your game, or are you totally wigged-out? Click through these 8 questions to get your personal stress profile.
  • What is a Gene? - Genes carry information that helps make you who you are: curly or straight hair, long or short legs, even how you might smile or laugh, are all passed through generations of your family in genes.
  • Your Feelings - - You might feel happy and confident in one moment, then sad or confused in the next; this section can teach you some healthy ways to cope with the roller coaster.
  • Your Immune System - Your body system that helps fight off sickness is called the immune system; the immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body.

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