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World History

  • Creating French Culture - Gives an overview of French history through the eyes of the art and culture of the times.
  • Future State - U.S. Department of State for Youth - The State Department has embassies in more than 190 countries; find out how you can prepare for an exciting career as a diplomat or foreign service officer.
  • Latino Center's Kids Corner - Smithsonian - View three major galleries: 1) a Kids Gallery; 2) the Son Clave Lounge featuring Latino music; 3) Meso Time, a virtual visit through Mexico's pre-Columbian past. (Flash required)
  • My Wonderful World - Explore the geographic resources from the Smithsonian experts; click on a continent and start learning.
  • Timeline of Art History - The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History is a chronological and geographical exploration of the history of art from around the world.
  • Timeline of Flight: The Dream of Flight - Check out this timeline and learn how the invention of the kite lead to human flight.
  • When in the World - This website helps you explore some of the most important foreign relations issues from the State Department.

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