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Building Things

  • Architect - Architects design houses, buildings, offices and apartments.
  • Carpenter - Carpenters build many things from wood and other materials, like buildings and boats. They construct, erect, install, and repair structures and other fixtures.
  • City (Urban) Planner - City (urban) planners figure out the best way to use the land in cities and neighborhoods; they report on the best location for houses, stores, and parks.
  • Civil Engineer - Civil engineers design things like roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, or water supply and sewage systems.
  • Drafter - Drafters make drawings and plans; some plans show how to make objects like toys, toasters, and machinery or larger things like houses and office buildings.
  • Electrical Engineer - Electrical engineers design new and better electronics; they also test equipment and solve problems.
  • Electrician - Electricians bring us electricity. They put in the wires that carry electricity through houses, offices, and factories; they also fix electric machines.
  • Engineering Technician - Learn what engineering technicians do and how they help engineers and scientists do research and development.
  • Landscape Architect - Learn more about the work landscape architects do.
  • Prosthetist - Meet David.  He works with patients with amputated limbs. He talks about what he likes about his job and how a prosthetic arm and leg are created.
  • Surveyor - Surveyors do different types of work - some measure land, air space, and water areas - some describe where a certain area of land is.

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