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Instruments and Orchestras

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  • Instrument Encyclopedia - The purpose of this site is to allow you to explore the diversity and creativity of musical traditions as you browse our gallery or search for a favorite instrument.
  • Music and Musical Instruments - Information on artists and musical instruments
  • Musical Instruments - Library of Congress - Gives descriptive information about the instrument collections, as well as photos and audio.
  • Piano at the White House - Learn about the famous Steinway Piano, one of the White House's most recognized items.
  • Uncommon Instruments - America's Library - You might play the trumpet, the violin, or the flute, but how about the marimba, the oud, or the zurna? Although these may sound like ingredients in an exotic recipe, they are actually musical instruments.
  • Violins - (Smithsonian) - Do you play a viloin and are you interested in their history and their makers? Check out this site.

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