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Social Studies Games

  • Ben's Interactive Games - Try out these wordfinds, mazes and map games to help you learn more about our government. To play any of these games, you need the Macromedia Flash Player.
  • Geography Games - National Geographic Kids - Boost your knowledge of the world with the GeoBee Challenge, GeoSpy game and learn the continents with Copycat.
  • Go on a Family Adventure - Use maps to find places and solve clues like an explorer. Play this game and travel to different locations online.
  • Place the State - Race the clock to see how fast you can correctly place all of the states on the U.S. map.
  • The National Map - An online, interactive map service with various mapping products.
  • Where in the World Is the Secretary of State? - The Secretary of State travels to all corners of the world in the conduct of international relations; learn geography and create your own map.
  • World Exploration - Go on a mission with the CIA and learn differnt facts about countries around the world. (Flash required)

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