Here's an interview with Caroline, a 4th Grader, at the National Mall in Washington DC talking about the Space Shuttle Discovery's last flight.

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Space Shuttle Discovery's Last Flight

Date: April 17, 2012
Place: The National Mall, Washington DC
Interview: Caroline, 4th Grader


Caroline, 4th grader:
I'm here to see the space shuttle fly in.

Q: What is your favorite planet?

Caroline: Saturn.

Q: Why Saturn?

Caroline: Because I love to study its rings.

Q: And when the shuttle gets to the museum, do you plan to go visit and see it?

Dad: Yes.

Caroline: Yes.

Q: Where did you see it? You can point.

Caroline: I saw it there, there, there and there.

Q: It's pretty impressive. What did you think? Was it big? Was it small?

Caroline: It was HUGE!

Q: Can you believe that things been up in space so many times?

Caroline: Yeah.

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