Government Jobs

  • Animal Keeper - Meet Juan Rodriguez, Animal Keeper of the Asia Trail at the National Zoo. He talks about his daily duties and sloth bears.
  • Archeologists - Meet Joy and Kate, Archeologists from the National Park Service. They talk about the tools they use and what they uncovered at the Best Farm.
  • Architect - Meet Tony Alonso, Regional Chief Architect at the General Services Administration. He talks about saving energy and how he became an architect.
  • Book Conservator - Meet Yasmeen Khan. She helps restore old books at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.
  • Chef at the White House - Meet Cris Comerford, White House Executive Chef. Find out about her job and events she plans.
  • CIA K-9 Corps - The K-9 Corps and their human partners protect the CIA and its employees.
  • Clerk of the House of Representatives - The Clerk maintains records and oversees the activities of the House.
  • Courtroom Judges - Watch videos from courtroom judges from around the country. Be inspired by their stories to learn about the judicial process. 
  • FBI Special Agent - A Day in the Life - Learn about special agents, undercover assignments, working in the field and more.
  • FBI Working Dogs - Check out the FBI's special working dogs.
  • House of Representative Members - Learn what Congressmen do when serving our country.
  • NASA Space Careers - Meet NASA scientists, engineers, math specialists and more. Learn about what they do and what they studied to get the job.
  • Nutritionist - Meet Sasha, a registered dietitian nutritionist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She talks about how her job helps people eat healthy foods and teaches families how to keep track of what they're eating.
  • Oceanographer - Meet Pablo Clemente-Colón. He is the chief scientist and oceanographer at the National Ice Center.
  • Park Ranger - Rangers help protect parks and teach park visitors why parks are important and how to care for them.
  • Space Jobs - Space Place Live - Meet real scientists who work on space projects to find out what it’s like to work as a scientist or engineer.
  • Treasurer of the U.S. - Meet Rosie Rios, Treasurer at the Department of the Treasury. She talks about the America the Beautiful Quarters and how important it is to have a good education.
Page last updated: Dec 6th, 2016