Saving Money

  • 5 Simple Saving Tricks - How good a saver are you? Is it easy to save money or is it tough? Here are some simple tricks to help you.
  • - Advertising is all around you. Online. Outside. On television. Who makes ads? How do they work? Here, you will explore, discover, and learn. Can you make it to the top?
  • Bank It - It's My Life - So, where do you keep your money? In a piggy bank? In an envelope tucked in a drawer? Or some of you might even have a savings account at the bank. Is that the best way?
  • Celebrate the Holiday Spirit by Donating to Charity - The holidays are a time for giving and receiving, and one way you can help make someone's holiday a little brighter is by donating to a charity with your parents.
  • Helping Your Family Save Money Comic - Colorful comic strip with tips and ideas on how to save money.
  • Saving Basics - Earned money or gotten it as a gift? What do you do with it? You have lots of choices.
  • Saving Calculator - Use this calculator to create a savings plan to get you to your goal.
  • You Are Here - Become a money master by learning all the ways advertisers try to influence your decisions!
Page last updated: May 17th, 2017