Online Safety

  • Cyberbullying - - Sometimes referred to as online social cruelty or electronic bullying, can involve: Sending mean, vulgar, or threatening messages or images or pretending to be someone else.
  • Cyberbullying Prevention - Online bullying, called cyberbullying, happens when kids use the Internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.
  • FBI Cyber Surf Islands - Travel to an island and learn how to stay safe online, including protecting your information, cell phone safety and more. (Flash required)
  • FCC Kids Zone - Have fun with quizzes and games as you learn about the agency. Read news articles written just for you.
  • FCC Kids Zone - Frequently Asked Questions - Lists the most commonly asked questions for grades 4-8 about televisions, cable, and phones.
  • Heads Up - Net Cetera - When you're ready to post or send a message or a photo, download a file, game or program, or shop for something - stop for a second and think.
  • Is It True? - FCC Kids Zone - Gives answers to your questions about electronic devices, such as cell phones, USB devices and digital television.
  • It's A Noisy Planet - Learn different ways you can protect your hearing. 
  • for Kids - Learn about being safe online and how to protect yourself.
  • Protecting Your Information - Security Plaza - Your personal information is valuable to a lot of people. Learn what it takes to keep yours secure.
  • Satellite Learning Center - Learn about commercial communication satellites - what they are, how they work and their role in your everyday life.
Page last updated: Oct 1st, 2015