• Chances - This dice game allows you to see how increasing or decreasing the number of dice rolls affects an outcome.
  • Create a Graph - Create a pie chart, a bar chart or a line chart to help explain data easily and visually. (Flash required)
  • CryptoKids - Peer into the secret world of cryptology: making and breaking codes. Play lots of games and activities at this site too!
  • Cyberchase Games - Features fun games to teach math concepts.
  • CyberChase Online - Play interactive games and crack challenging puzzles, meet the characters, and experience original adventures.
  • Math Index - Figure This - Take these challenging activities on algebra, geometry, measurement and more. (also available in Spanish
  • Math Teaser Challenge - Every month you will get a math/statistics brain teaser that lets you test your knowledge with a fun problem.
  • Memory Game - Census for Kids - Play the memory game and learn how everyone counts.
  • PlaySpace - Cyberchase - An online storytelling tool that combines literacy and math; it's a different way to think about and use math.
  • Taking America's Measure - National Institute of Standards and Technology has been working with different agencies to make sure we have the best measurement system possible for everyday items, like mobile phones, shoes, and milk.
Page last updated: Sep 16th, 2016