• Ad Decoder - Turn the pages in this interactive magazine and learn the secrets behind the ads you see every day.
  • Create a Budget - A budget or spending plan will help you cover all your needs, wants, expenses, and saving goals. It requires: Knowing how much money you spend, knowing your saving goals, and managing your money.
  • Escape from Barter Island - Fun game that prompts thinking on the role of money in an economy, barter and trade.
  • Fun Games About Money - Try playing these online games about coins.
  • Games - TreasuryDirect Kids - Play Save Perry's Pennies and Money Memory and learn about U.S. Debt.
  • Fun Games About Coins - Learn about coin collecting.
  • Mad Money Game - This game will help you learn how to make your money work for you!
Page last updated: Jun 14th, 2017