Online Safety

  • Birth of the Internet - National Science Foundation - Watch video clips of early pioneers talking about their work along with maps of Internet growth from the 1960s to the 1990s. (Flash required)
  • FBI Cyber Surf Islands - Travel to an island and learn how to stay safe online, including protecting your information, cell phone safety and more. (Flash required)
  • Friend Finder - Earn your spot by showing you're savvy when it comes to making friends online.
  • Heads Up: Stop. Think. Click. - Before kids post online, download a game or program, or buy something, they should take a second to stop and think before they click.
  • Invasion of the Wireless Hackers - Hackers hunting for vulnerable wireless networks are closing in. Stop the hack attack with correct answers to these wireless security questions.
  • Living Life Online - You text, you play games, you share photos and video. Check out these short articles, activities and quizzes, to sharpen your online skills. (PDF)
  • Security Plaza - You Are Here - Your personal information is valuable to a lot of people. Learn what it takes to keep yours secure.
  • Webisodes - Stop Bullying .gov - Bullying also can happen on-line or electronically. These animated webisodes features K.B.and her friends dealing with bullying at school.
Page last updated: Oct 2nd, 2015