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  • Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge - Use binoculars, field guides, a camera, and other tools, as well as talk to local people to help you make decisions about a fictional forest reserve.
  • National Marine Sanctuaries - For Fun - Volunteer at your local national marine sanctuary and discover the wonders of a kelp forest, coral reef or ships from a bygone era.
  • Shutterbugs Wiggle and Stomp - Follow Ada, the zoo keeper, and lookout for animals that are swimming, running, wiggling, and stomping.
  • WebRangers - Thinking about being a Park Ranger when you grow up? Visit this website to learn more about the Junior Ranger Program.
  • Yellowstone National Park Just for Kids - Take a field trip online and when you're done check out the Yellowstone Animal Alphabet Book.
  • Energy Kids Page - Fun and Games - Did you know that ink and crayons are made from fossil fuels? Check out this site and find out other facts. Check out the energy riddles page!
  • Energy Star Kids - Be an Energy Star! Find out how you and your classmates can make big changes and help save the world.
  • Color NASA - NASA Kids' Club - Choose an image you'd like to color and create your own masterpiece. (Flash required)
  • Cosmic Corridor - NASA Kids' Club - Jump from disc to disc while shooting your laser. When you hit your target, you learn a fun fact about NASA.
  • NASA Kids Club - Games to help you learn about exploring space, building and launching rockets and helping a comet travel through the solar system.
  • NASA Quest - Learn about flight and the people who made it happen.
  • - Learn about the wonders of science, math and space in a fun and interactive site.
  • Put It Together - NASA Kids' Club - Play this fun puzzle game where you can choose the number of pieces and image.
  • Sci Jinks - Learn about weather, hurricanes, clouds, tides and more. You can even find out about the weather in space.
  • Space Place - Play fun games and learn about our Sun, Earth and solar system.
  • Virtual Field Trip - Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Learn how JPL explores space and studies Earth.
Page last updated: Apr 28th, 2016