Question of the Week

How many cups of water should you drink every day?

A. 2-3
B. 4-5
C. 7-8
D. 10 or more

Answer: B. 4-5

Source: National Agricultural Library (PDF)

True or false. Sugary snacks are the only way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

A. True
B. False

Answer: B. False. Fruits can be a natural and healthy treat.


Before sharing pictures or videos online you should:

A. Tag them
B. Tell everyone
C. Ask for permission
D. Nothing

Answer: C. Ask for permission


How do you keep yourself safe online?

A. Don't post phone numbers
B. Don't post your location
C. Don't friend strangers
D. All of the above

Answer: D. All of the above

Source: Net Cetera (PDF)

Which item was not invented by Thomas Edison?

A. Phonograph
B. Light Bulb
C. Electrical Wire
D. Macaroni Machine

Answer: C. Electrical Wire

Source: America's Story

Invented by Charles E. Brannock, the Brannock device measures:

A. Boats
B. Height
C. Feet
D. Dogs

Answer: C. Feet

Source: SparkLab (PDF)

Page last updated: Aug 21st, 2015