Question of the Week

When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

A. 1564
B. 1621
C. 1541
D. 1541

Answer: C. 1541

Source: Library of Congress

Who was the first President to officially issue a pardon to a turkey?

A. John F. Kennedy
B. George W. Bush
C. Richard Nixon
D. Abraham Lincoln

Answer: B. George W. Bush

Source: White House

What was Veteran's Day original name?

A. War Day
B. Armistice Day
C. Service Members Day
D. WWI Remembrance Day

Answer B. Armistice Day

Source: Today in History

Which President first declared Veterans Day a holiday? 

A. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
B. Harry Truman
C. Woodrow Wilson
D. Warren Harding

Answer C. Woodrow Wilson

Source: Today in History

Which American inventor helped develop electricity?

A. Benjamin Franklin
B. Alexander Graham Bell
C. Thomas Edison
D. Henry Ford

Answer: C. Thomas Edison

Source: National Park Service

What source does most of the energy in the U.S. come from?

A. Oil
B. Nuclear
C. Natural Gas
D. Coal

Answer: D. Coal

Source: Energy Kids

Page last updated: Nov 13th, 2015