Question of the Week

Which item was not invented by Thomas Edison?

A. Phonograph
B. Light Bulb
C. Electrical Wire
D. Macaroni Machine

Answer: C. Electrical Wire

Source: America's Story

Invented by Charles E. Brannock, the Brannock device measures:

A. Boats
B. Height
C. Feet
D. Dogs

Answer: C. Feet

Source: SparkLab (PDF)

When was the Declaration of Independence was signed?

1. 1775
2. 1776
3. 1800
4. 1876

Answer: 2. 1776

Source: Charters of Freedom

Who did not sign the Declaration of Independence?

1. Thomas Jefferson
2. Patrick Henry
3. Benjamin Franklin
4. Samuel Adams

Answer: 2. Patrick Henry

Source: Charters of Freedom

In 1960, which state became the 50th star on the U.S. Flag?

1. Alaska
2. California
3. Hawaii
4. Texas

Answer: 3. Hawaii

Source: Ben's Guide

The Star-Spangled Banner became the national anthem in:

1. 1777
2. 1814
3. 1890
4. 1931

Answer: 4. 1931

Source: National Museum of American History

Page last updated: Jul 14th, 2015