Current Events

  • News and Blog - Provides you with all the latest information on science, how to save energy in your life, current events and news, and much more.
  • HouseLive - Live Floor Proceedings - Would you rather watch a video than read about current events? HouseLive lets you watch recent U.S. House of Representatives floor proceedings, or catch one live if you are lucky.
  • It's Our Environment - Learn about important environmental issues going on around the world, and how to help keep the environment clean and healthy.
  • Here There Everywhere - News for Kids - Knowing what's in the news is a way to be connected to our community, nation, and world.
  • My Wonderful World - Explore the geographic resources from the Smithsonian experts; click on a continent and start learning.
  • Places in the News - The Library of Congress keeps you up-to-date on all the places you keep hearing about in the news. Find out where a specific country is or why you keep seeing it in the news.
  • Senate Scheduled Hearings - Keep up-to-date with any and all U.S. Senate hearings that are coming up. You can scroll through the most recent, and read more based on what committees and topics interest you.
  • blog - Learn about updates from across the government, including timely news from government agencies, informative videos, and interesting pictures from history, the zoo, and more.
  • Youngzine - Includes the latest news from around the world and at home. 
Page last updated: May 15th, 2017