• Career Development Activities - Career Development Activities include 19 days of lesson plans designed to help a student discover specific information about himself or herself through awareness, self-knowledge, and education and occupation exploration.
  • Career View - Offers a variety of tool kits, lessons, activities and games for elementary and middle school student to explore careers.
  • Educator's Toolkit on Career and Education Planning - The Educator's Toolkit on Career and Education Planning was developed to assist teachers in planning a comprehensive middle school career course. This Toolkit provides easy access to classroom activities, lesson plans, and related web-based resources.
  • Exploring Careers Using the Internet - In this multisession lesson, students begin with a discussion of blogs and the concept of careers. Students choose careers that interest them or that they want to pursue, use online resources to research career options, and then publish occupational summaries to a class blog.
  • Teach K-12 Engineering - Find a variety of tools to boost your students math and science skills and enliven the classroom with engineering projects.
  • Welcome to Career Zone - Excellent website to help your students explore careers related to their strengths, skills and talents.
Page last updated: Jun 5th, 2015