Online Safety

  • Anti-Bullying Laws per State - Find out about your state's laws and policies.
  • FBI Cyber Surf Islands - This activity features 3rd- 8th grade-specific “islands” teaching about different aspects of internet safety.
  • Kids' Privacy - Quick Facts - Kids' personal information and privacy are valuable - to you, to them, and to marketers. Fortunately, there are ways you can safeguard that privacy when your kids are online.
  • Kids' Privacy - Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule - The Federal Trade Commission has strengthen kids’ privacy protections and give parents greater control over the personal information that websites and online services may collect from children under 13.
  • KnowBullying App - Free app that has tips for parents, warning signs, an educator section and simple conversation starters.
  • Learn the Basics - Learn the basics on using a computer, mobile devices, the internet, social media, and how to help kids be responsible and make informed decisions online.
  • Media-Smart Youth - A 10-lesson program, youth learn important lessons about media analysis, nutrition, and physical activity.
  • NetSafe for Parents and Teachers - These videos educate students, parents, teachers and others on a variety of Internet safety topics.
  • NetSmartz for Educators - Educating students about Internet safety can be difficult, especially with constantly changing technologies and classroom time constraints. These resources can help.
  • PBS Teachers - Computers - Teachers can search the PBS computer resources by grade level.
  • PBS Teachers - Online Safety - Teachers can search the PBS online safety resources by grade level.
  • Protection Connection - Things you can do to protect yourself, protect your information (and your family's), and your computer.
  • Report Cyberbullying - Document and report the behavior.
  • Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright - Animated videos explaining the importance of copyright law. (Flash required)
  • Virtual Worlds and Kids: Mapping the Risks - Many virtual worlds say they&re for adults only and try to verify that visitors are over 18 before they can enter.
  • What are Computer Viruses? - Newton BBS - Computer viruses are programs written by mean people. These virus programs are placed into a commonly used program so that program will run the attached virus program as it starts.
Page last updated: Oct 2nd, 2015