Science Jobs

  • Archeologists - Meet Joy Beasley and Kate Birmingham, archeologists from the National Park Service. They talk about the tools they use and what they uncovered at the Best Farm.
  • Biologist and Chemist - We visit the Center for Veterinary Medicine, part of the Food and Drug Administration. Meet Lauren Curtis, Analytical Chemist and Elizabeth Tall, Biologist. They talk about what it's like to be scientists and how they protect human and animal health.
  • Career Videos - CareerOneStop - Find videos about jobs in different industries.
  • Dog Trainer - Meet Bridget. She's a canine handler with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. She trains dogs to search and find illegal drugs.
  • Earth Science Careers: Not Just Rocks - What can you do when you work for the USGS? This video is an overview of how U.S. Geological Survey scientists work in the science field.
  • Electrochemist - Meet Dr. Karen Swider-Lyons who works with creating hydrogen fuel cells as an alternate energy resource.
  • Genomic Career Videos - Meet interesting people with careers in genetics, including health educator, hematologist and more.
  • Oceanographer - Meet Pablo Clemente-Colón. He is the chief scientist and oceanographer at the National Ice Center.
  • Science Careers - Job information for science careers, including chemist and pharmacist.
  • Scientists @ the Smithsonian - Watch and read about these scientists at the Smithsonian. What kind of scientist would you like to be?
  • Scientists and Engineers - Meet the next generation of engineers and scientists of young professionals, who may just inspire you to join them.
  • Sea Career Profiles - Find career profiles of different careers with corresponding lesson plans.
  • Teaching - The Department of Education discusses the educator-led movement called RESPECT to elevate and transform teaching and leading so that all of our students are prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century.
  • Working at the National Aquarium - Meet Jay and CJ from the National Aquarium in Washington DC. They talk about their jobs and Oleaner, an albino alligator.
  • Youth Engagement Through Science (YES) Program - Meet student interns from the YES Program, part of the Smithsonian Institution. Students get to work in museums and get hands-on experience, working with scientists, educators and researchers.
  • Zebrafish Helping Science - Meet Dr. Harry Burgess, an Investigator for the National Institutes of Health. He talks about the zebrafish experiments and how they're behaviors are similar to humans.
Page last updated: May 19th, 2017