Government Jobs

  • CIA Specialist - Do you have strong interpersonal skills, excellent written and oral communication skills? The CIA may be for you.
  • Contracting Officer - Meet Adam. He obtains a variety of products and services on behalf of GSA and all the other federal agencies.
  • Courtroom Judges - Watch videos from courtroom judges from around the country. Be inspired by their stories to learn about the judicial process. 
  • Department of State for Youth - The State Department has embassies in more than 190 countries; find out how you can prepare for an exciting career as a diplomat or foreign service officer.
  • Diplomat - Careers at the State Department - Do you find the life of a diplomat interesting but don't know where to begin? You may just find what you're looking for.
  • Dog Trainer - Meet Bridget. She's a canine handler with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. She trains dogs to search and find illegal drugs.
  • FBI Agent - Special Agents have many different responsibilities, including community outreach, investigation, and continuous training. Learn what one particular day in the life of an Agent.
  • FBI Avatars - Hear from avatars, voiced by real FBI employees, about what it's like to be a special agent, an IT specialist, a biologist, a SWAT member and more.
  • FBI Investigates a Spy - Special Agents have been investigating and catching spies for over 60 years! A spy is a person who keeps secret watch on another person or thing to get information.
  • FBI SWAT Team - Tools of the Trade - Check out missions of team agents, bomb technicians and divers, and the gear and techniques they use to get their jobs done.
  • Federal Wildlife Officer - Meet Gabriel. He is an officer that protects wildlife for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Learn about his tools and what he does on patrol.
  • Get Career Advice - Students and Career Advisors - Tools to help you identify your interests, find careers that match your talents, explore education options and more.
  • Human Capital Management Specialist - Meet Celia. She works for the Congressional Research Service as a recruitment coordinator.
  • Judge - Judges are in charge of trials; they make sure that trials are fair and they resolve differences between lawyers.
  • Marine Pilot - Meet Captain Pete Benning. He talks about what it's like to be a pilot and how to prepare for a mission.
  • Nutritionist - Meet Sasha, a registered dietitian nutritionist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She talks about how her job helps people eat healthy foods and teaches families how to keep track of what they're eating.
  • Police Officer - Police officers protect lives and property.
  • Program Analyst - Meet Allison. She works for EPA and creates interactive maps which makes the more understandable.
Page last updated: Jan 5th, 2016