U.S. History



  • Edison Invents - His genius gave us electric lights in our home. He was the first to record sound. Edison alsc developed the first movie camera.
  • Lewis and Clark - Exploring the Sequence of Events - Use these documents to map out the events of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  • Louisiana Purchase - Focuses on documents—from maps to newspapers to cultural artifact—that help to describe the region.
  • Wright Brothers - Learn how these ordinary bicycle mechanics emerged to change the world and invent the first flying machine.

Technology & Industry

  • America on the Move - Explores the role of transportation in American history.
  • Built in America - These collections record achievements in architecture, engineering, and design in the U.S. through a range of building types and engineering technologies.
  • Progressive Era (1890-1913) - Because of its rapid economic and social growth, the U.S. had become a major world power.
  • Technology and Industry - Library of Congress - Explore these collections of papers, sound, and film about historical technological and industial events in America.
  • Transportation History - View collections of roads, railways, and maritime objects throughout American history.

Today in History

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