• Classical Music Resources - Meet Beethoven, study the science behind the instrument, and discover how classical music is anything but boring.
  • Music from the Library of Congress Collection - Recordings of a variety of types of music.
  • National Jukebox - Free historical recordings from the Library of Congress.
  • Jazz - PBS Kids - Learn more about the history of Jazz. Check out some famous Jazz musicians. Become a member of the online Jazz band.
  • Jazz - Smithsonian Jazz - Explore, appreciate, experience jazz.
  • Opera Resources - Take a look at the history and evolution of an art form over four hundred years old. 
  • Popular Music Resources - From punk and the blues, discover the ways in which people perform, listen to, and interact with music in their everyday lives.
  • Studio Africa - Listen to diverse music of Africa.
  • World Music Resources - Explore music created by musicians from around the world, including the Arab World, Ancient Greece, and the diverse cultural sounds of China.
Instruments and Orchestras
  • Music and Musical Instruments - Check out the Smithsonian American History Museum’s vast collection of instruments, sound recordings, sheet music and other artifacts.
  • Musical Instruments - Library of Congress - Gives descriptive information about the instrument collections, as well as photos and audio.
  • Uncommon Instruments - America's Library - You might play the trumpet, the violin, or the flute, but how about the marimba, the oud, or the zurna? Although these may sound like ingredients in an exotic recipe, they are actually musical instruments.
  • Violins - Do you play a  violin?  Find out about the history and makers of these instruments.
  • San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site - This website, in conjunction with live performances, provides a great way for people of all ages to hear, learn, and have fun with music.
  • Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments - A collection of over 2,500 historical and contemporary musical instruments from all over the world, most of which are catalogued online.
Page last updated: May 23rd, 2017