• Break the Code - Decode the messages and learn about the Enigma decoding machine.
  • Charts and Tables - Make charts and access tables with Bureau of Labor Statistics data.
  • Create a Graph - Create a pie chart, a bar chart or a line chart to help explain data easily and visually. (Flash required)
  • Create a Graph Classic - Here you will find different graphs and charts; it will help explain the data you are trying to show.
  • Cyberchase Games - Features fun games to teach math concepts.
  • Economy at a Glance - Economic information for metropolitan areas, states, and the nation as a whole.
  • Grab Bag from NCES Kids Zone - Fun games and activities to help you learn, from the Department of Education.
  • Inflation Calculator - Uses the average Consumer Price Index for a given calendar year. Data represents changes in prices of all goods and services purchased by urban households.
  • Math Index - Figure This - Take these challenging activities on algebra, geometry, measurement and more.
  • Mathematician Quiz - Answer these questions and learn which famous mathematician shares your interests.
Page last updated: Mar 6th, 2017