Online Safety Games

  • FBI Cyber Surf Islands - Travel to an island and learn how to stay safe online, including protecting your information, social networking, online gaming safety and more. (Flash required)
  • FCC Kids Zone (Grades 4-8) - Do you know how cable tv works? Do you know what a satellite is and how it works? Find the answers here.
  • Games - OnGuard Online - Test your cyber smarts with one - or all - of our interactive quizzes on everything from spam and spyware to phishing and file-sharing.
  • NSTeens Game - Learn about what information should not be included in your online profiles. Players help Tad clean up his messy profile by collecting the information that should be kept private while avoiding others who would dispense Tad's personal information all over school.
  • Online Lineup - View the "rogues gallery" of online marketers. Read through their pitches and pick the one that sounds like the safest online vendor. (Flash required)
Page last updated: Oct 2nd, 2015