Reading and Writing

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  • Desktop Publisher - Using computers, these workers combine printed materials, numbers, pictures, and charts to prepare publications and booklets.
  • Librarian - Librarians help people find facts. They organize information and help people find books, magazines, videos, websites, and other information.
  • Reporter - Reporters gather information and write news stories. These stories appear in newspapers, magazines television and online. To get information, reporters look at documents, observe the scene, and interview people.
  • Secretary - Secretaries make appointments, put files in order, write letters and answer the phone. Secretaries make sure that the information that leaves the office is right.
  • Writers and Authors - Writers write stories, or they write about things that really happened. They write books, and they write articles for magazines or journals. They write for newspapers, and they write for radio and television.
Page last updated: Sep 30th, 2015