• Dig It! The Secrets of Soil - National Museum of Natural History - Discover the amazing world of soils with images and information.
  • Dynamic Earth - Overview of some basic principles of geology.
  • Earth Observatory - Accompany NASA scientists as they explore our world and unravel the mysteries of our climate and environmental change.
  • Environmental Health for Students - Discover the relationship between your health and the environment, both natural and man made.
  • Environmental Resources for Students - Learn about projects, careers, ecosystems and much more.
  • EurekAlert! Science News and Resources for Kids - The EurekAlert! Science for Kids Portal is a central, online source for kid-friendly news and resources.
  • National Zoo - Visit the online exhibits, or take a tour and learn about the plants, animals and people of the Smithsonian's National Zoo.
  • Recycle City - There's lots to do here - people and places to visit and plenty of ways to explore how the city's residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park - Park Fun - Find some fun facts about this amazing National park.
  • School and Environment - This site teaches kids about the relationship between their schools and environmental and health issues.
  • Sewage In Your Face - In this virtual science classroom, this Sewage in Your Face gives kids the laugh-out-loud opportunity to be a plumber and take a treatment plant tour - all while learning about the importance of a clean and healthy environment.
  • Tox Town - Learn about dangerous chemicals and health risks you may encounter in everyday places.
  • Volcanoes - When Volcanoes Erupt – Did you know on any given day there are about 20 volcanoes erupting on the land and even more under the oceans? Learn more about these fiery geological wonders.


Fossil Fuels

  • Learning About Fossil Fuels - Find out about coal, oil and natural gas and how we use it for energy.
  • Looking Down an Oil Well - Ever wonder what oil looks like underground, down deep, hundreds or thousands of feet below the surface, buried under millions of tons of rock and dirt? Learn about how oil is pulled out of the earth.


  • Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids' Stuff - Choose your age group and explore these resources on our drinking water.
  • Drinking Water and Ground Water - Kids' Stuff Grades 4-8 - This EPA Office of Water's web page has links to games and activities that will help you learn about drinking water.
  • Exploring Estuaries - A wide variety of birds, fish, and other wildlife make estuaries their home; use this web site to explore these unique environments, including some of the plants and animals that live there.
  • Water Drops: Science Fun for Kids in the Water Environment - This site has a collection of fun facts, games, and projects for kids to learn about our water environment. Each issue will have a different theme, although all material will relate to the science of water pollution and clean water.
  • Water Science for Schools - This site offers information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.
  • What's Up With Our Nation's Water? - Learn about our nation's water supply, how the quality of water is determined, what is measured, what ground water is, get ideas for science projects and more.
  • The Water Cycle - This site features a wonderful diagram in 52 languages of the natural water cycle and an in-depth discussion of each of the 15 topics on the diagram.
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