How Things Work

  • Ask A Scientist - Do you have a burning science question you want to ask, this site is where you can submit your questions.
  • FCC Kids Zone - Frequently Asked Questions - Lists the most commonly asked questions for grades 4-8 about televisions, cable, and phones.
  • FCC Kids Zone (Grades 4-8) - Do you know how cable tv works? Do you know what a satellite is and how it works? Find the answers here.
  • Greatest Engineering Achievments of the 20th Century - How many of the 20th century's greatest engineering achievements will you use today? A car? Computer? Telephone? Explore this list of the top 20 achievements.
  • How Things Fly online gallery - Discover what makes a spacecraft stay in orbit or the reason why a balloon a floats in the air. 
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Meet Karen Swider-Lyons. She works with fuel cells in engines and talks about what it's like to be a scientist.
  • Nanoscience - Nanooze - A place to hear about exciting stuff in science and technology, particularly things related to Nanotechnology, the science of really small things.
  • Nanoscience - NanoZone - Learn about the science of measuring things by a nanometer, one billionth of a meter.
  • Nanoscience - What is a Nano? - Learn about nanoscience with games, videos, activities and more.
  • Science Facts - Get the answers to life's most interesting questions through scientific inquiry. It will introduce you to the Library of Congress' rich collections in science and technology.
  • Walk Through Time - Provides information on ancient calendars, early clocks, revolution in timekeeping, the "Atomic Age" and more.
Page last updated: Mar 6th, 2017