• Bahamas Deep-Sea Corals - Ocean Explorer - Corals in the deep sea? See what scientist discovered in the North Atlantic waters deeper than 1000 meters.
  • Bold Kids - Bold is a survey ship that carries high-tech instruments to collect data from the water.
  • Conservation and Research - New England Aquarium - Through our conservation and research programs, find out how the New England Aquarium develops and implements new solutions to protect the oceans and balance the human impacts on them.
  • Earth Observatory - Accompany NASA scientists as they explore our world and unravel the mysteries of our climate and environmental change.
  • EurekAlert! Science News and Resources for Kids - The EurekAlert! Science for Kids Portal is a central, online source for kid-friendly news and resources.
  • JetStream - An Online Weather School - The website will help you learn about global and large scale weather patterns, air masses, wind patterns, cloud formations, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, damaging winds, tornados, tropical storms, cyclones and flooding.
  • Marine Biologist - Meet Chris Meyer, a scientist from the National Museum of Natural History. He talks about the ocean and his favorite animal the cowrie snail.
  • National Marine Sanctuary Program - Here you'll find information about our nation's marine sanctuaries -- their history and current management, their scientific and educational programs, and their continuing efforts to conserve our nation's ocean and coastal treasures.
  • NOAA Photo Library - This collection includes thousands of weather and space images, hundreds of images of our shores and coastal seas, and thousands of marine species images ranging from the great whales to the most minute plankton.
  • Oceans - FREE - Marine science, underseas exploration, ocean habitats, ocean floor observatories, coastal regions, and more.
  • Wonders of the Sea - Wonders of the Seas" highlights different animals with text and images, from sponges to sharks.
Page last updated: Oct 1st, 2015