• Albert Einstein: Image and Impact - Read about the life of the man behind the theory of relativity.
  • Atom - The Harnessed Atom - Discover the different states and forms of energy and where energy comes from. Find out how the way we live is tied to our energy supply. (PDF)
  • Discovery of the Electron - One hundred years ago, amid glowing glass tubes and the hum of electricity, the British physicist J.J. Thomson (1856-1940) was venturing into the interior of the atom.
  • EurekAlert! Science News and Resources for Kids - The EurekAlert! Science for Kids Portal is a central, online source for kid-friendly news and resources.
  • Fermilab For Students - Fermilab is home to the world's most powerful accelerator, the Tevatron. Learn how scientists use Fermilab's resources to explore the most basic particles and forces of nature.
  • Science Facts - Get the answers to life's most interesting questions through scientific inquiry; it will introduce you to the Library of Congress' rich collections in science and technology.
  • Walk Through Time - Provides information on ancient calendars, early clocks, revolution in timekeeping, the "Atomic Age" and more.
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