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  • Agricultural and Food Scientist - Find out the answers to questions about how farms can use less labor, control pests and weeds, and conserve soil and water.
  • Botany and Horticulture - List of resources on botany (study of plants), horticulture (study of gardening), and plant ecosystems (plant environments.
  • Exploratorium: Traits of Life - Take a journey through the Exploratorium's new collection of Life Science exhibits.
  • Exploring Estuaries  - A wide variety of birds, fish, and other wildlife make estuaries their home.  Explore these unique environments.
  • Plant Basics - Learn about the basic structure of plants, photosynthesis, and more.
  • Plant Fact Sheet - Information for gardeners about different plants.
  • Science Facts - Get the answers to life's most interesting questions through scientific inquiry; it will introduce you to the Library of Congress' collections in science and technology.
  • Why Leaves Change Color - Explains the basics of how autumn colors happen.
Plant Resources
Page last updated: Jul 11th, 2016