Science Jobs


  • Engineering Technician - Learn what engineering technicians do and how they help engineers and scientists do research and development.
  • Scientists and Engineers - Meet the next generation of engineers and scientists of young professionals, who may just inspire you to join them.


  • Agriculture in the Classroom - Teen Scene - Learn about the role of agriculture in our economy and society.
  • Farmer - Farmers grow crops and raise animals; they decide when to plant, fertilize, harvest, and sell crops. Farmers use new technology, and they learn about new farming methods.
  • Food Scientist - Food scientists look for the answers to questions about how farms can use less labor, control pests and weeds, conserve soil and water.


  • Biologist and Chemist - We visit the Center for Veterinary Medicine, part of the Food and Drug Administration. Meet Lauren Curtis, Analytical Chemist and Elizabeth Tall, Biologist. They talk about what it's like to be scientists and how they protect human and animal health.
  • Doctor (Physicians and Surgeons) - Doctors use science to figure out what is making people sick. Doctors examine people, listen to them describe their health problems, and do tests to see what is wrong.
  • Pharmacist - Pharmacists are experts in medicine and its side effects. They sometimes help doctors choose which medicines to give patients.
  • Prosthetist - Meet David.  He works with patients with amputated limbs. He talks about what he likes about his job and how a prosthetic arm and leg are created.


  • Astronauts - Learn what it takes to be an astronaut.
  • NASA Specialists - Find career information featuring different NASA Specialists that include job description; areas of expertise; suggested school subjects/courses; education and training needed; and what you can do right now.
  • NASA Careers - Find out more about a career in space science.
  • Women of NASA - There are many math, science, and technology careers for women at NASA, and at this you can read profiles of NASA experts about their work days.

Studying the Past

  • Archeology and Anthropology Career Guide - Anthropology is the study of human beings and it helps us to understand how cultures are different or alike and how they have changed. Archeology is the study of past human cultures. Learn more about a careers in anthropology and archeology.
  • Archeologists - Archeologists work by digging into sites and collections. When they excavate, archeologists use tools you might recognize.
  • Anthropologist - Human Origins Program: Love My Job - Members of the Human Origins Program team at the National Museum of Natural History describe what they do and how much they enjoy their work.
  • Museum Collections Manager – Find out how someone becomes a collections manager in a major museum. National Museum of Natural History collections manager Deb Hull-Walski discusses her education in history and archaeology.
  • Q?Crew Teen Volunteers - The Q? Blog - Read about teen volunteers at the National Museum of Natural History.  They discuss current projects and their experiences.
  • YES! Teen Interns - The Q? Blog - Read some great posts from the Youth Engagement Through Science (YES) interns working at the Smithsonian. They discuss what they're working on and their experiences.
Page last updated: Oct 1st, 2015