Current Events

  • American FactFinder - Learn about the U.S. Census and get facts about your state.
  • DipNote - If you like learning about other countries or worldwide current events, check out this State Department blog. You can learn about complex issues, as well as catch some Youtube videos and pictures from around the globe.
  • News and Blog - Provides you with the latest information on science, how to save energy in your life, current events and news, and much more.
  • Here There Everywhere - News for Kids - Knowing what topics are in the news is a way to be connected to our community, nation, and world.
  • Homeroom - Teachers and parents can find current educational issues discussed in this Department of Education blog. Find even more resources for teachers, families, and kids going off to college.
  • HouseLive - Live Floor Proceedings - Would you rather watch a video than read about current events? HouseLive lets you watch recent House of Representatives floor proceedings, or catch one live if you are lucky.
  • House Press Gallery - If you're interested in current political events, get all the latest information straight from the source. The House Press Gallery tells you what is coming up in the House of Representatives, as well as facts about our current members.
  • Impact - Sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development. Learn about USAID and the stories of success and failure of USAID helping the world's poor.
  • It's Our Environment - In this environmental current events blog, you can learn about important environmental issues from around the world. You can also learn ways to help keep the environment clean and healthy.
  • PBS NewsHour Extra - Features news article on current topics, lesson plans, and videos.
  • Places in the News - The Library of Congress keeps you up-to-date on all the places you hear about in the news. Find out where a specific country is or why you keep seeing it in the news.
  • Senate Scheduled Hearings - Keep up to date with any and all Senate hearings that are coming up. You can scroll through the most recent hearings and read more about them based on the committees and topics that interest you.
  • blog - Learn about updates from across the government, including timely news from government agencies, informative videos, and interesting pictures of history, zoo animals, and more.
  • U.S. Electoral College - Understand the Electoral College, a key part of how elections work.
  • Youngzine - Includes the latest news from around the world and at home.
Page last updated: May 15th, 2017