Health and Safety

  • Bones and Skeletal System - Learn more about your beautiful bones.
  • Brain - How the Body Works - Find out how your brain and nervous system work.
  • Brain Imaging - Meet Dr. Peter and Dr. Joelle, scientists at the National Institutes of Health. They talk about what brain imaging is and how an MRI scanner works.
  • Death - Kids Talk About Death - Kids talk about their experiences with death.
  • Flu Prevention Tips - Elmo and Gordon from Sesame Street offer flu prevention tips.
  • How Teeth Grow - Find out why baby teeth are important and when teeth (both baby and adult) come in.
  • Let's Get Ready Videos - Do you know the steps you have to take if there's an emergency like a fire or earthquake? Watch these videos to learn and be prepared.
  • Lungs and Respiratory System - You breathe in. You breathe out. But what's happening inside? Find out in this video.
  • Mercury Safety - Don't Mess with Mercury - Find out what mercury is and how it affects your body, including games and videos.
  • Nutritionist - Meet Sasha, a registered dietitian nutritionist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She talks about how her job helps people eat healthy foods and teaches families how to keep track of what they're eating.
  • Skin - How the Body Works - You couldn't live without the skin you're in. Find out what's going on under the surface in the skin video.
  • Swimming - Watch the video and learn the Pool Safely Song before going into a pool. 
  • Tsunamis Video - An animated short film to educate kids about tsunamis and how to be prepared.
  • Webisodes - Stop Bullying .gov - Bullying also can happen on-line or electronically. These animated webisodes features K.B.and her friends dealing with bullying at school.
  • What Keeps Your Mouth Healthy? - Here's what kids can do to prevent tooth decay.
  • What Lives Inside Your Mouth? - Learn how bacteria in our mouths use sugars in food to produce acids that attack tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.
  • Your Immune System Movie - - The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. Watch this movie and learn more.
Page last updated: Mar 23rd, 2017