Date: September 28, 2016
Place: General Services Administration, Washington DC
Interview: Elaine Kamlley, Front-End Developer

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Video Description:

Meet Elaine, a website developer with the General Services Administration. She helps make the government easy and available to everyone online.

Video Transcript:

What really impacts [us] the most is the things we use everyday, our phones, applications [apps], technology, websites. Someone is building this and are the people that are building it look like me or other people? Do they look like a diverse [different cultures] community?

A developer is someone that takes coding languages and builds website and applications. I am a front end developer. I’m working now on HTML and CSS [code to create websites] and really trying to improve the way that the website that I’m working on shows up on the internet [online].

What’s your day like?

It changes everyday. There are some days that I welcome guests from different countries who are wanting to know how to do what we do here at 18F. Other times I am sitting at my computer trying to fix bugs [errors in a computer program], trying to center a column or make a button look pretty.

What is 18F?

18F is  group of technologists that are in the government. The group I’m surrounded by here at 18F are folks who are passionate about making the U.S. Government accessible [easy for people]. They happen to be people who know how to code and they really care.  You find in government folks who are trying to do really good things.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Government is big. The government provides so many services for the public. There is a ton to do. I really love it and and also feel overwhelmed sometimes about that amount of work.

What advice do you have for kids?

Sometimes you’ll be told that maybe this isn’t right for you or that coding can be tough. If you really think that building the way that you access websites is really exciting for you, then stick with it.  I think it is a very rewarding job to be able to show the world like hey look I made this.

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